Friday, July 12, 2013

London Calling

S and I have spent 4 lovely days in London, where the weather has been perfect, and the locals are in awe of the sun.  We did some touristy things, and enjoyed it all, and also tried to recover from a nasty flu we both fell victim to before we left India.  The Kew Gardens and St Paul's Cathedral were particular highlights, along with a great Moroccan restaurant, Momo, but the town itself has it going on with clean streets, beautiful parks and gardens galore, and an underground system that we used daily and found very friendly.  Only downside we could see, apart from the outrageously expensive taxi ride from Heathrow (90 Pounds....) were all the smokers.  Europeans, get over the nicotine addiction and you'd be 2% more fun to be around. Make that 5%.
Here are some clicks of our London times.

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  1. Wonderful fun looking at these. Thanks so much for posting. I think I would like to go here someday.. I enjoyed it through your pictures. Those flowers... wow.